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Traveling to your dream destination can worth a fortune but Air Asia made sure that spoiling yourself with a relaxing vacation doesn’t have to cost you so much.
Travelers and adventure seekers will surely enjoy this Air Asia’s newest promo launch- 70% off for base fares on all destinations or a 20% off for a Premium Flat Bed.
This exciting promo will run starting on April 16, 2018, until April 22, 2018, then traveling period will start on April 16, 2018, to October 31, 2018.
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This promo will not be available on peak periods
Discounts are only available on selected fare classes only
i5 flights are available with 20% off on base fares
This promo does not include Value Pack and Premium Flex bundled category and DJ carrier code flights.
For other information regarding Pick A Seat, check Air Asia’s FAQ¬†
Enjoy your vacatio