Guide on How to Get a Refund From Cebu Pacific Airline

Cebu Pacific has been very trustworthy, that is why they are considered as one of the most famous airlines here in the Philippines. Many Filipinos enjoyed services because they offer good cheap option flights, especially for domestic destinations.

In addition, the planes that they have were clean and all the staffs are friendly and helpful. That is why they are very well known as “low fare, great value” airline.

However, no matter how good an airline is, there will be an uncertain circumstances and one of it is cancelled flights.

It’s kind of frustrating when your flight got canceled due to a certain reason but the good thing is that Cebu Pacific gives a refund. If you wanted to know more about how to get a refund from them, this might help you.

Refundable Canceled Flights are:

  • If Cebu Pacific canceled your flight
  • If Cebu Pacific reschedule your flight with at least 1-hour difference
  • If Cebu Pacific charged you twice with the same booking number
  • If you mistakenly booked the same flight
  • Medical cases
  • Death
  • A refund that was mandated by local law

If by any chance your flight has been canceled, Cebu Pacific will offer you options which are:

  • Re-book the flight
  • Re-route the flight
  • Move the refund amount to the travel fund
  • Full refund

Here’s the Step on How to Request for a Refund Online:

  • Visit Cebu Pacific website:
  • Once you accessed the website, click “Manage Booking” at the upper right side
  • Input your flight details
  • Afterwards, you will see list of flight in the dashboard and choose the flight that you wanted to refund
  • Click the “Manage” button to proceed
  • The system will then show you four options, choose “Request Refund / Check Refund Status
  • Once clicked, you will be asked to put some detail, just fill it out
  • After all the process, confirm your refund request
  • Wait for the refund status, it will be displayed on the screen

-If you pay using a credit card, your refund will be credited back to your account
-Not all bookings are refundable
-Terminal fees, airport tax, or other charges will be refunded to you together with the fare
-If you missed your flight you will not receive a refund for the fare but you will be refunded for the terminal fee

For more inquiries, you may contact Cebu Pacific using this hotline: +632 7020-888

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